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Chicago’s Premier Place for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are the ultimate option; they give you both immediate and long term results.

What are the benefits?

• Get ready in moments!  Eliminate the need for mascara and    go beyond the confines of your natural lashes.

• A minimum of 250 extensions per eye are attached to your    natural lashes one by one, with precision and artistry.

• Transform yourself in 2 hours and have the lashes you've        always wanted, 24/7!
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Chicago's Premier Place for Eyelash Extensions
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Salon Lashe ~ Chicago's Premier Place for Eyelash Extensions
• Extensions can last indefinitely with 1-hour re-lashe sessions every 4-6 weeks. (You shed 25% of your lashes in 4-6 weeks.)

• Your eyes too can look like the eyes of the models in the ads, who are often wearing extensions.

                                Why SALON LASHE?

•  The talent and experience of the Stylists

•  The "Lashe     Technique" that they use

•  The Lashe     Adhesives - best performing, 4-6 week hold!

  Come in and see for yourself  ... you won't believe your eyes!
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